Are you wasting food? Here’s how to avoid it.

It is estimated American waste 150,000 tons of food every day, with an added toll to the environment in the form of land use, pesticides and water. Rotting food also clogs up landfills and releases methane, contributing to climate change. The good news is there are a variety of simple strategies to avoid wasting food […]

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11 tips for making your garage sale great.

  Consider this: the average household has 300,000 items  or another way to look at it, there are more things in your home than there are people in Cincinnati. As comedian George Carlin might have said, thats a lot of stuff. So before the temperature drops and  depending on where you live  […]

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Remodeling your old kids rooms? Some tips and caution

  If your kids are off to university,moved out or married, you may be faced with one of the biggest decisions youve had to make in 15 or 20 years: what to do with their bedrooms? For some empty nesters, the question answers itself they sell the family home and opt for more bucolic quarters […]

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