Reinventing Valentine’s Day



Every February 14, millions of us do the most unromantic thing possible: we repeat ourselves with roses and chocolates and greeting cards. (Yawn.)

Here are five ways to make this Valentine’s Day a little surprising:

Explore together: What can be more romantic than discovering or re-discovering a place with the one you love. But who says you have to drive or fly to do it? Check out Google Maps or Yelp, plan a day trip by marking down scenic parks, funky stores, historic sites or new eateries you’ve never tried out and be tourists in your own town. Take a ton of pics and post them on your social media.

Learn together: If you’d rather stay indoors in February (and we don’t blame you), how about taking a class together? Your local community center or college is sure to offer a range of activities, including cooking, painting and photography. You can even learn a new language together!

Valentine’s Day +/-7: Trying to book an intimate dinner around Valentine’s can be enough to suck every last bit of romance out of an otherwise special day. But who says you need to celebrate on February 14? Plan your special evening before or even after. It’ll reduce the stress, avoid the crowds and make it easier to get a dinner reservation!

A rose by any other name: Tradition is wonderful and roses are beautiful but why not try something original? After all, there are 400,000 types of flowering plants in the world. Surprise your special someone!

Spread the love: Approximately 7.6 million animals enter shelters nationwide each year. Why not keep Valentine’s going all year-round by adopting a dog or cat that could use some love?

What are your favorite unconventional Valentine’s Days gifts and activities? Please share them in the Shop Talk Blog community forum!





Did you know: Christmas v. Valentine

Americans purchase 145 million Valentine’s Day cards each year. Christmas is the only holiday that sees more cards sold. (Source)


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