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No one would think of eating food that fell in the toilet bowl but it turns out it may still be cleaner than if you dropped it in the kitchen sink. That’s because few of us disinfect our sinks as often or as well as we do our toilet bowls.

So, how do you ensure your kitchen stays spotless and germ-free? Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

  • Fresh fridge: Cleaning your refrigerator can be a big job but it doesn’t have to take long. From coil brush to stainless steel doors, here’s how you can get it flawless in under 20 minutes.
  • Bulk disinfection: The surest way to clean stove knobs, brushes, plastic utensils, refrigerator drawers, drain catches and sponges? Fill up your dishwasher.
  • Wipe it up: The sponge in your sink may be crawling with critters. Instead, use Clorox or Windex wipes to clean your counter and stove tops, as well as fridge handles, toaster and microwave. If you have a built-in microwave/fan above your stove, remember to wipe underneath it and throw greasy fan filters into the dishwasher once a month.
  • Microwave mess: Place a wet paper towel in your microwave for 3 minutes to soften the grime, then wipe it down with a wipe.
  • Oven odor: Fishy or greasy smell in your oven? Wipe up drips with a vinegar-soaked towel, then fill a baking dish halfway with water and a teaspoon of vanilla extract, lemon juice or vinegar and leave it in the oven on low heat for half an hour. Prefer self-cleaning your oven? Here’s why you probably shouldn’t.
  • Garbage leaks: Keep an open bag at the bottom of your trashcan to avoid leaks, and rinse out the can once a month with soap and water.

And that dirty kitchen sink? The best way to keep it truly clean is to wash it with bleach and water every day.

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Did you know: Alka-Seltzering your vases

Can’t get your hand down a vase to clean the dried residue? Fill it halfway with water, drop in a couple of Alka-Seltzer tablets, wait a few minutes and rinse. (Source)


75 thoughts on “Keeping your kitchen clean

  1. Share your own kitchen cleaning tips

    Occasionally, I clean various areas of my refrigerator with a damp dishcloth

    and towel to ensure they are clean in addition to my full cleaning that I do off and


    I clean my kitchen sink with liquid cleanser, sometimes with bleach on a routine


    I clean the counters every day with a dishcloth and towel.

    I use special cleaning aids such as stainless steel wipes for the faucet fixtures

    and the part of the dishwasher door that is stainless steel.

    I clean the coffee pots with a vinegar and water solution.

  2. dear shoppers voice,
    i usely keep my kitchen clean
    by a tabful of bleach and a 2 teaspoons of water and hot soaply water
    and its would get anything clean
    in yours home

  3. to clean microwave –fill heavy glass jar with 1/2 full water and dish detergent run for 8 to 10 min, remove glass { will be extremely hot } wipe out microwave and that much heat disinfects same time !!

  4. Another great trick for cleaning small hard to clean drinking bottles, vases, and thermos bottles is use an Efferdent Extra Denture Cleaning Tablet. Drop it in hot water… let it soak over night and wow … the next day you have a clean bottle or vase.

  5. Tired of paying for disposable razors? I put my razors in a small jar or bowl filled half way with bany oil. The oil keeps my razors sharp and clean. One razor lasts me about a month or two. Save me money too!

  6. To keep your fridge smelling fresh…..I use coffee beans in an open dish in the back of the fridge or tie the beans up in a clean knee high stocking.

  7. Another quick tip for your toilet bowl……try dropping one or two denture cleaning tablets in the bowl a couple of times a week. Just let them disolve and brush away stains

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