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Learn a second language

Want to learn a new language? Si! Oui! Da!

Did you know 97% of Swedes are bilingual? Or 67% of Germans? While more than half of people around the world can speak more than one language, in the United States only one in five speak a language other than English. As the economy becomes increasingly global and travel and online communications bring us all […]

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How to defend yourself from an attack

While the incidents of violent crime over the last 25 years have dropped dramatically – between 48% and 74% depending on the study – many Americans remain uneasy, with the majority believing crime has gone up, despite the downward trend, probably due to in part to the reports we see in the media. Whatever the […]

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Uncovering the hidden value of your favorite collectibles

We’ve all heard stories through the years of valuable paintings discovered at yard sales, purchased for pennies. But paintings aren’t the only valuables in people’s basements waiting to be discovered. A variety of records, clothing, sculptures, movie posters and furniture have found their way to auction houses and fetched thousands or even millions. An Andy […]

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