The perfect landscape around your home


As spring gets into full swing, now’s the perfect time to make the most of the outdoor space around your home, from front door to the street and from the back patio to your property line.

Whether your intention is to spruce up your landscape to help sell your home or simply enjoy it all the more here are some time-tested tips to make your garden gorgeous:

  • Pruning: Just like spring cleaning is a must inside your home, clipping back overgrown trees and shrubs and removing dead branches can quickly transform your landscape.
  • Mulching: Often overlooked, applying a fresh layer of mulch to your garden is easy and inexpensive and does a wonderful job of brightening things up. Plus it helps you water and weed less.
  • Washing: We tend to associate landscapes with natural elements, but paved surfaces like walkways and wood patios, as well as fencing and brick siding, are integral. Power-washing these facades will make dreary look new again.
  • Color up: Absolutely nothing brings a landscape to life quite like flowers. Choose a floral focal point to add a dramatic splash of color as well as accent points across your garden. Consider the color of your house in deciding what hues to choose for your flowers a house with blue trim or red brick requires different olor combinations.
  • Your house: Whether you like it or not, the most dominant element within your landscape isn’t the garden, it’s your house. Dress it up with flower boxes and trees that complement it and show off its best features. Take note of proportions a couple of flowers next to a three-story wall or long walkway are sure to get lost. Instead, create dramatic groupings of flowers and plants.

Looking for more landscaping ideas? Here and here are great places to start. And as always please share your own landscaping successes in the Shop Talk Blog community forum!




Did you know: There’s nothing like a plan

Plants, flowers, design proper landscaping isn’t easy. A landscape architect can provide a realistic and esthetically pleasing plan you can implement yourself for a reasonable price. (Source)


29 thoughts on “The perfect landscape around your home

  1. I enjoyed your comments they were helpful. I too am on a monthly income. Thanks

  2. I use to love Spring cleanup and planting new whether it be flowers vines new trees. Now being Disabled it’s a little harder for me to do a lot outside or inside. Simple cleaning inside takes all day but I get it done. We don’t own so not a lot of change here just clean up. When married was able to do anything I wanted in the spring but now divorced but have a mate we’re unable to get help in buying a home so we rent. My new life and the way I have to do things may be different and my journey of back problems have turned into hip and knee problems but we’re not letting it win. So burn nerves the 14th of June so we must hurry with some Spring Cleaning.
    HaPpY SpRiNg To us ALL
    When the Weather and Mother Nature Calms down and We Return to Normal, What Ever Normal is.
    Thank you for listening, God Bless and now to hear and see ya’lls Stories and see your SPRING IDEA’S

  3. I have already started my garden,my flower beds,and my herb garden,already been eating fresh spinach,peas and herbs,once you get hooked,its on!

  4. I really need a lot of fixing up help. Reasonable or really low prices cuz I’m on a monthly income.

  5. I love red mulch I think it looks good around your flowet beds the base of your tree and also around your shrubbery. I love a gravel side wslk , I have one from my front porch to the back .I love my home and yard. Snd o also recommend to have hanging flower basket hanging from your porch and fernes on your porch or patio.

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