6 ways to make your wedding wild and wonderful



It may be frosty outside but, inside, every bride-to-be knows wedding season is just around the corner. If youre an unconventional gal  or guy  looking for ideas to make your celebration stand out, or know someone in search of ideas, here are the Shop Talk blogs top 6:

  1. Transportation: They say its the journey, not the destination, so make getting your guests to the ceremony or reception a trip theyll remember. Drive them there in horse-drawn carriages, long pink limos or even yellow school buses.
  2. Place cards: Ho-hum wedding table seating cards just end up in guests pockets or scattered on the floor. Instead give them a souvenir theyll want to keep. How about cards made from wedding cake icing, 1950s postcards, lollipops, mussel shells or mini picture frames? Find more great ideas here.
  3. Flowers: Invite everyone to be part of the wedding party with their very own corsage or boutonniere. Create a flower station where guests can choose their own festive blooms, along with pins and ribbons.
  4. Wedding cake  or not: Every bride dreams of glittery, frosted, infinitely tiered cake for her wedding, but grooms? Not so much. How about a wedding dessert made for guys: a tower of donuts, ice cream, Oreo cookies or Rice Krispies squares? Nom nom nom.
  5. First comes love, then comes marriage&: Make it a little easier for your family and friends who have kids to attend your wedding. Set up a daycare (nightcare?) area with games, snacks, blankets and a few babysitters so guests can drop off their kids and check up on them throughout the evening.
  6. Drive home service: Like at any celebration, some wedding guests can get a bit carried away. Have designated drivers on standby or provide taxi chits to make sure your loved ones get home safely.

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Did you know?

Which of these wedding traditions is false?

a) Egyptian women pinch the bride on her wedding day for luck.
b) Czechs throw pickles instead of rice at their weddings.
c) According to Hindu tradition, its good luck for it to rain on your wedding day.
d) Swedish brides put a silver coin from their father and a gold one from their mother in each shoe.
b) is false  they actually throw peas!