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How to make email arrive in the Focused inbox automatically in, Hotmail, Live, or MSN

Go to Other inbox and open an email such as from Shopper’s Voice. Step 1: Open up the email from Shopper’s Voice Step 2: Tap the overflow icon up top (three dots icon) AND select Move to Focused Inbox Step 3: Select Always Move Microsoft has been rolling out the Focused and Other inboxes to email users […]

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Fashion spotlight: Summer 2017 clothes for kids

  More than billion. That’s how much children’s fashion raked in last year. And while that’s only about an eighth of total global apparel industry sales, kidswear is growing faster than both menswear and womenswear fueled in large part by adults with more disposable income having children later in life. That growth potential hasn’t been […]

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Tips for your toes and your whole feet, too

  Each human foot is made up of 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles or tendons, and 26 bones or one-quarter of the 206 bones in the human body. Which is often why, when you don’t take care of your feet, other problems aren’t far behind. Feet first: Medical conditions including arthritis, diabetes, nerve and […]

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