How to make email arrive in the Focused inbox automatically in, Hotmail, Live, or MSN

Microsoft has been rolling out the Focused and Other inboxes to email users of, Hotmail, Live, and MSN. The email software automatically sorts your email: more important email goes into the Focused inbox while less important email goes into the Other inbox.

The problem is that the software may not be getting it right. You may have some important email in the Other inbox and vice versa. Fortunately, you can tell the software which email should go to which inbox.

How do you make sure you get the emails you want to see in the Focused folder?

For desktop users:

  • Go the Other folder
  • Open an email from the sender such as Shopper’s Voice
  • Click on Move to in the menu at the top
  • Select and click on Always move to Focused inbox.
  • Tip: Check the Other tab from time to time to make sure you don’t miss any other important emails.


How to make email arrive in Focused inbox
Go to Other inbox and open an email such as from Shopper’s Voice.


It will take a day or two for Outlook to learn which email is Focused vs. Other. Check the Other tab from time to time to see if there are any other emails that should be sent to the Focused inbox.

You can always reverse the process by opening an email in the Focused folder, click on “Move to”, and select “Always move to Other inbox”.

You can also turn off the Focused inbox by following these instructions:


For Outlook mobile app users:

  • Go to the Other tab.
  • Open an email from the sender such as Shopper’s Voice.
  • Tap the overflow icon (three dots icon), and select Move to Focused Inbox.
  • Select Always Move.
  • The app will take a day or so to learn that this sender should be delivered to the Focused inbox
  • Tip: Check the Other tab from time to time to make sure you don’t miss any other important emails.
Open email from Shopper's Voice
Step 1: Open up the email from Shopper’s Voice


Tap the overflow icon up top (three dots icon) AND select Move to Focused Inbox
Step 2: Tap the overflow icon up top (three dots icon) AND select Move to Focused Inbox


Select Always Move
Step 3: Select Always Move


To learn how to turn off the Focused inbox in the mobile app, click here:

We hope this helps you get your emails sorted the way you like it.


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