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More than billion. That’s how much children’s fashion raked in last year. And while that’s only about an eighth of total global apparel industry sales, kidswear is growing faster than both menswear and womenswear fueled in large part by adults with more disposable income having children later in life.

That growth potential hasn’t been lost on name-brand designers. In fact, legends including Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger have been hard at work for years creating lines specifically geared to tots and the parents who buy their clothes.

So, what’s in store for kids’ fashion this summer? The Shop Talk blog did a little digging in the fashion sandbox, here and here, and elsewhere, and here’s what we discovered:

  • Delicates are in: This season will see a variety of lightweight fabrics like linen, chiffon, organza and silk for special outings at least, if not for playing in the park.
  • Pastels are big: Look for a rainbow of soft colors, including pink quartz, light yellow, peach, honey, sand, coral and papaya (now we’re hungry), plus acid colors, oranges and limes, especially boys, and neons for girls.
  • Tropicals rock: A variety of island-inspired motifs will don kids clothes in the coming months, including tropical flowers, palm trees, butterflies, pineapples and flamingos (Miami Vice returns!).
  • Functionals fit: As with their parents, kids clothing is trending more toward comfort and leisure, including knit and baggy bottoms, as well as soft denim.
  • Mock-sporty: Again, with a nod to the adult fitness trend, brands are increasingly offering performancewear even though we don’t expect to see a lot of toddlers jogging or doing crossfit.
  • What’s Suri wearing?: What’s most on trend this summer or any time of year for that matter may simply be what Blue Ivy Carter, North West, Willow Smith or even Prince George are wearing. Pick up your favorite celebrity magazine to learn more!

What are your kids wearing? And how has it changed from when you were a kid? Share your fashion feelings in the Shop Talk Blog community forum!





Did you know? Dior, darling

While everyone from Marc Jacobs to Stella McCartney does kids fashion these days, Dior was one of the first to launch a line for kids Baby Dior in 1967. (Source)


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  1. Most of the kids wear what’s in style like Hilfiger,Tommy, all the name brands when it comes to clothing,Gucchi, Prince Charles

  2. Darling clothes and comfort for the kids. Good enough for good or play. Easy cleaning.

  3. I would like to see some of these fashions for my grandkids. They are newborn, 7 yr. old, 5yrs old, 4 yrs old, 2-2yr. olds and 1 yr. old.

  4. My grandkids are wearing hand me downs from their father and aunts and uncles and are LOVING it. They think it’s just the COOLEST. They’re constantly posting their pictures wearing their “antiquities” on facebook.

  5. My kids are actually starting to wear clothes that were in style when i was a kid. My grand children too. Thank you

  6. I love what you created for kids ,it cute beautiful and very nice. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul in heart’s of all children of the world. Thank you Dennise Williams.

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