Mother’s Day gift ideas for our 9 kinds of moms


As that special day for mom approaches on May 11, the pressure of figuring out how to show your love will only intensify. But maybe thats only because were looking at gift-giving for mom all wrong. We tend to think of her as just one person, when in reality shes a wonderfully multi-faceted mix of  by our estimation  nine kinds of marvelous moms. So choose your kind of mom before you choose your Mothers Day gift  we guarantee itll make finding something special so much simpler!

For mom the gardener: Plant flowers like sunflowers, marigolds, zinnias or cosmos in her front yard as well as bulbs for a surprise gift that blooms for years to come. You may also want to buy her a new set of gardening tools or gloves, or even soothing hand lotion to apply after she washes up.

For mom the fashion maven: Take her shopping for a new pair of sunglasses, boots, a sunhat or a fine silk scarf. Or treat her to day spa with an hour-long head and neck massage, manicure and pedicure.

For mom the fitness enthusiast: Shed love a new yoga mat, running shoes or an activity tracker like the Nike+ FuelBand. You can even take care of both Mothers and Fathers Day, with his and her bicycles.

For mom the nerd: If she loves newfangled technology, try an espresso machine, a digital media player like the Apple TV, or an e-reader like a Kobo or Kindle. Even if shes comfortable with high-tech, remember to take the time to show her how to use it.

For mom the foodie: Buy her a new cookbook, a cheese board, a copper cookware set or, if you really want to splurge, colourful enameled cast iron cookware. Lunch or dinner at a hot new eatery is also a great idea.

For mom the explorer: A new digital camera can make all the difference in preserving travel memories. Or try some comfortable, stylish sandals. Consider using your loyalty program points and book a weekend getaway, just you and her.

For mom the entrepreneur: Shell adore an elegant new watch, a refill of her much loved fragrance [how about new inspirational book instead], a fashionable tote or a tablet computer to stay on top of her work while shes on the go.

For the granola mom: If you have a mom who appreciates and respects the environment, shell love an eco-conscious gift, like a plant, organic skincare products, aromatherapy candles or a stylish hemp-cotton bag. You can also make a donation on her behalf to her chosen charity or cause.

For mom the grandma: If shes not as active as she once was, try an annual subscription to her favourite magazines, or a gift card to her preferred book and movie store.

What past Mothers Day gifts has your mom loved the most? Send the Shop Talk Blog community your most successful gift ideas. Plus, visit our Facebook page for our latest Shop Talk live poll  we want to know what you think!


Did you know?

Although Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in most places, many countries mark festivities on other dates: 

  • March 8: Many former communist countries like Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Vietnam
  • March 21: Many Mideast countries like Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia
  • First Sunday in May: Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain
  • Last Sunday in May: Algeria, Dominican Republic, France, Haiti and Sweden
  • December 22: Indonesia