On fleek*: Millennial fashion trends take over


Millennials are now the largest generation ever, surpassing Baby Boomers, and accounting for nearly one-third of all consumer spending. Which is why these young shoppers are putting their unmistakable mark on the fashion all of us – even non-Millennials – are wearing.

Here are just a few of the fashion trends driven by Millennials:

  • Price check: Though they’re brand conscious, Millennials are particularly driven by discounts – so, the look is important but price matters more – leading to a resurgence of basic brands like Hanes underwear.
  • Comfort matters: If you’ve been hearing about and seeing the legendary Birkenstock brand a lot more lately, it’s no coincidence. The 230-year-old comfortable shoe maker has been the most searched back-to-school brand for several years in a row.
  • Global citizens: Price matters and so do politics and social responsibility, which is why Millennials particularly like brands that empower communities in the developing world.
  • Gender non-conformism: The generation that’s grown up in the age of Kaitlyn Jenner and RuPaul and inspired by icons like Grace Jones, have fewer hang-ups about gender and are more comfortable buying unisex – or at least gender-fluid – clothes, fragrances and other products. Just channel your inner Annie Hall.
  • Customizability: Millennials love classic gear that they can make their own – which explains the rise of brands like Adidas Originals, all tailored to the consumers’ tastes.
  • Take two: If you thought the past was gone forever, you’d be mistaken. Just like many of us who are enamored with the 60s, Millennials are living for the bold and daring colors and designs of the 80s and hip-hop fashions of the 90s.

What are your or your kids’ favorite Millennial fashions? Share them with the Shop Talk Blog community forum and check out some Millennium fashion ideas here.

*By the way, “on fleek", in case you didn’t know, means “on point" in millennialese.


Did you know: Maybe mobile

Surprisingly, the generation stuck to their iPhones doesn’t buy as much as you’d think on their mobile devices – only 16% of millennials make the majority of their purchases via mobile.  (Source)

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  2. Trends change so quickly. At least the beggy pants below the hips is fading out by most people who seem to need their underware to be their primary fashion look.

  3. Getting discounts on phone apps has been wonderful when leaving a piece of paper at home you have in front of you for a discount.

  4. We don’t have any children or grandchildren. I have always dressed in gender neutral clothes and also for comfort

  5. Basically they just wear plain jeans and a t-shirt of some kind. There’s nothing fancy going on here. My kids don’t worry too much about what they wear.

  6. I hate to see sloppy proofreading in online articles. This particular article has several grammatical errors.

    1. Maggie – just curious about the errors. Please enlighten me. I consider myself smart. I’d like to know what you saw that I did not.

  7. Both of my Grandchildren are Millennials; the article somewhat applies to their clothing styles. I would say comfort is the most important attribute to them both. Neither are brand conscious, and my Granddaughter’s favorite place to shop for clothing is Goodwill.

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