Exercise spotlight: Water aerobics



Many of us want to be more physically active but problem hip, knee or other joints, as well as other health issues, make aerobics and other high-impact exercises out of the question which is the big attraction behind water aerobics.

Water aerobics and its deep-water, aqua cycling and water pole dancing varieties can be ideal for anyone who wants to get into shape or is recovering from an injury. Essentially a type of resistance training and aerobic endurance, water aerobics is a great way to incorporate strength training, which isn’t often part of out-of-water aerobics activity.

Here are 4 reasons water aerobics can be such a great activity:

  1. It works your heart, big-time: The secret to water aerobics may be that, while your heart rate won’t increase as much as regular aerobics, because you’re in the water, your heart is often working just as hard and actually pumping more blood.
  2. It works your entire body: Water resistance training, like water aerobics, activates opposing muscle groups for a balanced workout and the push and pull enhances muscle training while creating a safety barrier for your joints. Benefits can also include increased muscle strength, posture and balance, as well as improved mobility and endurance. And for older women, it can help improve or maintain bone health.
  3. It works your mind: Exercise in warm water can decrease depression and anxiety and improve your mood.
  4. It’s low-impact: Thanks to lower gravity in the water, the elderly or anyone living with arthritis, osteoporosis or weak joints can benefit without the potential negative side effects of aerobics on land.
  5. It’s fun! People tend to enjoy exercising in the water more than they do on land and you get to splash your friends!

Ready to try water aerobics? Google pools in your area to see which ones offer classes and, as always, speak to your doctor first before attempting any strenuous exercise. And remember, share your own experiences and healthy activity suggestions with other members in the Shop Talk Blog community forum!




Did you know? Pregnant with back pain?

If you have a baby on the way, water aerobics has been shown to reduce lower back or pelvic pain as well as sick leave due to back pain. Ask your OB-GYN if you should try it out! (Source)


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  1. I can certainly agree with this article. My youngest daughter took me to the LA Fitness Gym 6 years ago and I have been working out at the gym ever since. During this time, I have lost 35 pounds and it really my depression. Also, I get many compliments on my appearance and through heredity do not look my at 68. Changing my eating habits. Of course, I got permission from my physician to exercise. At 68, I am able to do water aerobics, cycling. and a total body plus abs 5 to 6 days a week, and walking occasionally. In addition, I do sing the church choir and spend time with friends and family. My present outlook on life certainly improved overall with the God.

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