Fitness Spotlight: 4 ways to start moving and get healthy


You’ve heard the discouraging statistics: more than two-thirds (68.8%) of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese. The numbers are even higher among Hispanic-Americans (78.8%) and African-Americans (76.7%). But while you know how important eating healthy and exercising are, like many of us with work, kids and home duties, you have a tough time.

But you really can do it! That doesn’t mean it’s easy but, if you’re serious and committed, making fitness a priority for 30 minutes each day is possible. Below are 4 tips for upping much-needed exercise without falling behind in your other commitments.

  1. People power: Commit to leaving the car in the garage and walking more often. A quick drive to the grocery store or to pick up your kids from school or daycare? Take a few extra minutes to walk there and back. Go on a brisk walk around your office at lunchtime or while your colleagues are taking smoke breaks better yet, invite them to come along. Skip the elevator up to your office or apartment and take the stairs it’ll increase your heart rate and strengthen your leg muscles too.
  2. Netflix and treadmill: There’s nothing you watch on TV that you can’t watch while on a stationary bicycle or treadmill. Pump up the volume and break a sweat for 30 minutes every evening.
  3. Family affair: Changing habits is a lot easier when you have someone cheering you on. Exercise with your spouse, best friend, neighbor or teenage kids.
  4. YouTube it: There are hundreds of exercise videos you can watch online. Do a search, find a fitness guru you like with exercises you can do at home and hop to it. Here and here are a couple of videos to get you started.

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48 thoughts on “Fitness Spotlight: 4 ways to start moving and get healthy

  1. I have had a rough time with my weight ever since I fit pregnant with my son 20+ yrs ago and illnesses and surgeries and still fighting with back & neck problems now they say my hip or hips not 100% sure which yet still working on back & neck. I do the best I can with all I’ve gone through, for me the more I move the worse the pain is. I’ve gone from 145lbs 20+yrs ago to up over 300lbs back down to 165 1st divorce than new marriage and medical problems to 185lbs to 228lbs now. I’m 46yrs old 5’4 and 228lbs but I don’t look like i weigh that but I do and yes I’ve done diet after diet to not eating for days but then I’m back to poor health. I don’t make a lot of money to make it to the gym or to buy a sit bike or treadmill but I do keep up the house and things a wife or person does, it just takes me a little longer. My fiance of 4yrs works 10-14 hrs a day so no exercise together he gets plenty at work but it’s me whom can’t seem to keep the weight off or keep it off. Yes I had some bad habits I love Pepsi, cool Aid, ice cream is the biggest thing for me. There’s days I can’t even get out of bed from the pain, depression sets in and then I sleep 2-3 or 4 days straight unless I keep on with my meds but I don’t want to live on Oxy and morphine for the rest of my life.
    Well give me your thoughts and support I’m hear to listen and learn. Thank you for ready about 3/4 of my life but I’m needing some outside help and support.

  2. I have been drinking water, and I have very little sweets . I just move and stay busy.I Were I won’t think of snacking. I have a long way to go.

  3. I am deafwoman. So. My fince of Paul Morris. Will go to. Spring or summer me go to walk at circle m min second with water. Too but now I still weight. Yet lose weight. ..I did to walk around house. Like. Clean

  4. I am finding the best thing for me to do is have my protein shake or smoothie within 1 hour of me waking up, & then working out early in the morning. We have also made a healthier eating a family affair.

  5. To lose weight all you have to do is control the sugar intake . Lower the amount of sugar you put in your body the sugar is what makes you gain a lot of weight ,start by counting the sugar in you fluid that you drink also starch turns into sugar potatoe pasta rice ,bread which has a lot of calories,eat rolls instead less calories,eat brown rice more healthier and again watch your carbs especially in you drinks some drinks are high in sugar like orange juice soda very high in sugar put less sugar in your body and exercise you will lose weight and those who are diabetics please stay away from a lot of sugar ,the healthiest drink is H2o drink plenty of it ,also water keeps you from getting a blatter infection ,water keeps everything you put in your body flowing smoothly. Yes be content with your body but also try and keep it healthy ,the better your body feel. Good Luck in whatever you choose

    1. Dont forget the veggies eat plenty of it instead of some much starch.good luck!

  6. Exercise is great at any level. Time to enjoy your life and put the cell phones away during your outdoor activities. It’s a beautiful world out there.

  7. I play wii fit for at least 30 minutes a day followed by hand weights. I have a fit bit and an app that keeps track of my daily calories.

  8. I play wii games for at least 30 minutes a day followed by hand weights. I have an app that tells me how many calories I eat and how many I burn.

  9. I believe that if u r happy with your self than don’t let others around u become your reason to diet but if u believe u need or want to loose wait than that I soly up to u

  10. It is hard to start losing weight and continually keep up the exercise. Wish I knew 30 years ago what I know now.

  11. I recently started a diet to lose weight. I have a fruit and veggie smooth with a teaspoon of plain yogurt for dairy intake in the morning. Right after this I either go to the gym or go for a very brisk walk to increase my metabolism and burn calories.
    I have at least 1 apple and a hand full of almonds or some kind of seeds and drink at least three 16oz. bottles of water.
    For dinner I have a huge salad with a hard boiled egg or some king of bean for protein, (Kidney beans or Garbonzo beans)
    I get at least 6 -7 hours of sleep.
    I cut out all the diet products with Sugar Substitutes and sodas.
    In a week I have already lost 8 pounds and I feel great!

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