Holiday giving goes back to basics



The holidays and New Year’s are, once again just around the corner. While iPhones, GoPros and other tech gadgets will likely be at the top of many gift lists this year, there’s no shortage of amazing and value-conscious old-school ideas for every member of your family and best of all you won’t have to wait till Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get started.

Books: Whether it’s hardcover, paperback or something on a Kindle or iPad, we could all do well to step away from our phones and TV to get lost in romance, sci-fi, history or an inspiring biography. Visit your local bookstore or go online for inspiration. And if you’re not sure what they’ll like, you can’t go wrong with a gift card.

Shows: Is a music star or a Broadway hit coming to town? Or maybe you can broaden their artistic horizons with an evening at the opera, ballet or symphony? There’s no shortage of live events or even a movie you can all share together.

Travel: Getting away can be expensive at holiday time, so consider surprising them and building their anticipation with a long weekend getaway in January or February, when a lot more deals are available and winter is getting a little long in the tooth.

Pampering: A lot of us resist the notion of a massage or spa treatment but there are few things as satisfying and relaxing. Contact a nearby professional massage therapist or spa for multi-session packages your family can enjoy long after the holidays are over.

Charity: If you’re fortunate to have everything you want or need, put your money to good use and consider donating to a worthwhile local, national or global cause. It may be the best gift you can give.

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Did you know: Gift cards are great

Once considered impersonal, today nearly 50% of shoppers find them convenient and gift recipients love the choice it offers. Total spending on plastic and digital gift cards for the holidays was over $30 billion last year, up 83% over the last decade. (Source)


46 thoughts on “Holiday giving goes back to basics

  1. Thanks for the nice article.
    Gift cards are definitely a great choice for any occasion.
    I have been giving gift cards for years now. It’s apparent that the few people who did complain about them were narcissists. How spoiled do have to be to complain about getting ANY gift at all! The one major negative comment was “I don’t like to shop there.” Oh, my bad! Then I POLITELY inform the grinch that there are actually a few companies that anyone can find online to trade in your unwanted card for one that they could really use. Or, some companies will even buy them from you!
    Still, my favorite gifts to give are GIFTS FROM HEART!!!=•

  2. to me its more than just about gifts yes its nice but time you spent with your family should be more than just about recievieng gift people take time for granted and any gift is nice but think of those less fortunate when you are disliking someone card when that child or person recieves nun or dont have a family so warm up your haerts and reach out to one person this year it could mean alot more to them then for you

  3. Our Holiday giving goes back to when my daughter, Chelsey, was only 4 years old… She and I would talk about those, who didn’t, or wouldn’t have Christmas presents. Chelsey never needed me to ask her to give of herself, her toys, blankets or anything else, such as food or rides into town… We continued this Holiday tradition, until she moved out, to go to college. I am heart-warmed to say, that I am a Grandmama now, of a beautiful girl, and my daughter plans on continuing our special Holiday tradition, of giving to others…

  4. I like to thank all the people that is give all the free stuff like a I6 phone and other nice things too it’s really a lot like Christmas for me I didn’t have the money to buy anything this year because I had a stroke November17,2015 so thanks again

  5. There’s lots of things out there you can buy note books,iPhone,games,perfume or. hand tools. A lot of people like home made presents better than factory made.I for one would rather get a cookie mix all layers in a canning jar,or a pretty pillow for my bed maybe some herb oil for cooking. it,s nice getting things someone has taken the time to make,makes the gift more personal.

  6. Christmas is nothing like it was when I was younger. Bringing back the true meaning of Christmas would be nice.

  7. I’ve been giving gift cards for the past couple of years,it works perfectly for teens .

  8. Or just a little basket with a couple of anything extra you have of food is another good one there’s so many ppl needing food anything can help now days we all are normally not the riches people but we can show we care some little bit if we just think about it =

  9. I think gift cards are good ideas or if you can just home make something simple for that person too it don’t have to be alot just a cut out of a heart on colored paper and words that say inside we love you is good enough now days not rich gifts

  10. Praise the Lord the 5 gift ideas are a great idea. As of matter of fact I purchased a book to be a blessing as well as an encouragment to a former boss of mine. Robert

  11. Really like this . . . shows how simple it is to ‘gift give’ without going overboard. I am like so many others these days where money is pretty tight; these ideas are simple yet can be found inexpensively. Thank you.

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