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Whether you’re selling your home or simply inviting friends or family over, it’s always nice to make a good impression and what better place to do it than your foyer or entryway? While some are fortunate to have a high-ceilinged front hall, even a small vestibule has the potential to dazzle.

Here are a few of our preferred ways to make a grand entrance:

  • Through the looking glass: A mirror is a must, particularly in a smaller room. It brightens and visually expands the space making it more welcoming plus it gives you one last chance to make sure everything is in order when you’re headed out (or for your guests on their way in). If there’s room, hang some photos or artwork on either side of the mirror.
  • Let there be light: A light fixture is a must but the style is entirely up to you. Whether you prefer something modern or a classic chandelier, consider a fixture that drops down vertically giving the illusion of additional height.
  • Underfoot: Position an all-weather rug to protect wood flooring or tiles, which can get slippery in rainy or snowy weather. If the rug is patterned, run it in the same direction as you move into the house.
  • Thanks a bench: If you have room for a large table in the middle of the foyer, go for it. If the space is smaller, consider a wood bench that acts both as a table for a few frames, books or a pot of flowers as well as seating to put on and remove shoes. Plus, under the bench is a perfect space to line up shoes and boots.
  • Ella-ella-ella: Choose a corner by the bench for a beautiful umbrella stand or a sturdy vase that can act as one. It adds a classic yet practical touch and takes up a minimal amount of space.

You’ll find more beautiful entryway ideas here and here. How have you made a spectacular first impression in your foyer? Share your ideas in the Shop Talk Blog community forum!





Did you know? Foyer information

Today we use the word ‘foyer’ for the entrance or vestibule of a home. But the word was borrowed from French and actually means ‘fireplace.’ It was the room to which theatre audiences went to stay warm between acts. (Source)


13 thoughts on “Foyer first impressions

  1. I placed an electric fireplac3 in a corner of my living room. I too f OK nyvhave a foyer. It is at an angle and draws your eye to it to make the room inviting.

  2. I have a small foyer. It’s clean and clear of clutter. When you walk in you’re not distracted by clutter but can see my beautiful stairs I’ve redone and my livingroom

  3. I’ve enjoyed the photo’s. I’d like a foyer, too. One that is softly lit and people can enter without seeing the living room. But, we don’t have one, so we just make do. And, keeping the living room clean is very important. Jenny slaughter

  4. I have to agree with Robert. I do this all the time the site sends you to different screens. This is the farthest I ever got. I don’t believe this is a real site. I’ve asked other people and the same thing. No samples,no coupons just same old questions over and over again

  5. My Foyer was kept very clean, with beautiful lines, and pictures of our Family… Very welcoming and kept a sense of Home…

  6. I like to put a bench to sit on ,a waist high bookcase with baskets to catch gloves,keys, mail,this keeps clutter down & can find things fast when needed. I put a mirror and a shelf beneath it with a decorative box on it with a compact,lipstick and a comb in it for a quick fix.There,s usually a small lite an pictures sitting on the bookcase.I also tool apiece of 6 inch plastic pipe,cutit to 30 inches long an screwed it to a 12 inch square by 1/2 inch piece of can decorate it anyway you want for an umbrella stand ,put a potted plant in and its perfect .

  7. Just wondering why I never get any coupons or free things too try. I love reading about every ones new things well good luck to all

  8. Wish we had a foyer … our front door opens directly into our living room. These are wonderful ideas to keep in mind though.

    1. Rita, I had the same problem at front door. Coming in, the door opened into living room. There was a wall on the right. of door opening. I had the builder install a wall on the left about 4 feet wide. This provided privacy for us. Also the short wall was wallpapered to match other wall.The builders wife was impressed & complemented my choice. 🙂 Growing up we. lived on their farm. Daddy was a ‘sharecropper’ with eventually ‘a dozen children. They smiled & were pleased at my success. God is good. 🙂 Blessings!

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