How to find a bargain

With end-of-year holiday deals and discounts long gone, it’s back to the real world, where we all have to work a little harder to find bargains for the products and services we’re dreaming of.

To help you save all year round, our Shop Talk team has scoured the internet to find bargain hunting pros’ best ways to save. Here’s what we found:

Always haggle – or at the very least never be afraid to ask. As the old saying goes, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and most businesses would rather give you even a small discount to close the sale than risk you walking out the door (or surfing to another online site) and not coming back. If a retailer is already offering deep discounts it may be unlikely you’ll squeeze out more but ask anyway.

Stay in the know. It’s a bummer to buy something today and find out a week later that it’s gone on sale. When in-store, ask your favorite retailer if there’s a sale coming and, if there is, see if they’ll offer you the sale price early. If not, consider holding on to your cash until the promotion begins.

Buy off-season. Everyone wants a barbecue before the summer and winter tires before the first snowstorm. But if you plan ahead, you can buy early or during a product’s slow season and reap the rewards with deeper discounts.

Go out of your way. Retailers in busy locations tend to bump up their prices because overhead costs are higher and they know they’re more likely to get customers to pay the full price. Try locating your favorite finds off the beaten path – outside city centers or in warehouse locations – where businesses have more of an incentive to bargain. But be sensible – if it takes you two hours to drive there and back, the savings may not be worth the gas and time you spend.

What are your surefire ways to find bargains? Share your secrets with the Shop Talk blog community forum!

Did you know? Band of savers

Another smart way to save? Team up with likeminded bargain hunters or set up a bargain club or Facebook group to network and find more deals.

57 thoughts on “How to find a bargain

  1. Always check your phone for any additional discounts, check several website not just one. If the person helping you says they don’t accept that, always ask to the manager. Sometimes, just ask the cashier if they know of any on-line discounts, most will help you. Also, talk to others in line, see what discounts they are using, we all like to brag about what great shoppers we are.

  2. Always look for clearance racks in the back of stores or the middle ! Seasonal clearance is best !!!!

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  4. I start my holiday shopping early. Like I’ve already started. I wait until I get a good coupon from Kohl’s and then I hit the clearance section of their website. I can get a lot of gifts for very little money.

  5. Always buy off season for winter clothing. It only follows that you buy lawn and garden items at the end of summer. It is kind of a no-brainer.

  6. I never pay full price at the stores like, Kohl’s, I am a Clearance shopper & get some really great bargains. I admit it takes some time, but it is well worth it in savings.!!

  7. And, of course, don’t forget to search for bargains at Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill!

  8. I like all these ideas for major plannned purchases, but for everyday shopping I prefer stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Big Lots. I always find somethng great a great price wit h no worrie sthat I overpaid. Often, for Church, School and fundraising events I have to purchase large quantities of items, I enjoy serching for ideas on Amazon and other online comparison sites. I like to take advantage of 3rd party shopping links for added rewards like on Swagbucks for purchases.

  9. I find bargains everywhere i go. Either in store or online. I do pretty darn good living on 11k a yr, I manage to survive on 800 a month and actually live great. One , is not having that credit card at all. The biggest bargain right off the bat., clean slate, Keep it that way,
    I do not have wants” Ishop for needs, I really do not need car, gas, upkeep so i take bus, I learn i saved a big bargain there . Goes on the line of stop smoking. WOW i am rich now,. 😉 Learn to shop on Ebay and the the deals i find at Amazon is knowing where to look. Justfreestuff, Retailmenot, ebates, newsletters and entering contests help matters and make life fun. Keep it simple is really what it’s all about , Can’t take you ツ

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