Is it safe to travel yet?

As vaccinations are in full swing and as COVID-19 cases seem to be headed in the right direction, a lot of people are wondering how safe it is to travel like we did before the pandemic began.


Like much around the coronavirus, the answer is unclear. According to a PredictHQ study, more than half of people polled said they still feel unsafe getting on plane, but over a third said they’d feel safe getting on a flight if they were vaccinated.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) still counsels Americans to avoid travel unless it’s absolutely necessary. But if you need to get away, here are a few tips to keep in mind:


·       Wait until you’re fully vaccinated for COVID-19 – wait two weeks after your second dose to make sure you’re fully protected.

·       Get a viral test 1 to 3 days before you travel, make sure you test negative and keep a copy of your results in case you’re asked to show proof.

·       Check travel restrictions in the state or country you’re travelling to — you may still be required to quarantine or be tested wherever you’re headed.

·       Continue to wear a mask in public, including on planes, buses or trains.

·       Continue to avoid crowds and stay 6 feet away from anyone you didn’t travel with.

·       Continue cleaning your hands often or use hand sanitizer.

·       Continue avoiding touching your face.

·       Be prepared to get tested when you return and self-quarantine for a full 7 days.


If you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to check out the websites of official tourism boards and government websites — like the CDC — or ask your trusted travel advisor, who are probably more up to date with what’s safe and what requirements are for different destinations than anyone. You can also consult the Coronavirus Reopening America Map and the Covid Risk Assessment Planning Tool to help you gauge the risks. You’ll also find more helpful answers to your questions here.


Have you travelled during the pandemic or are you planning to soon? Share what you know with the Shop Talk community – the more information we all know, the safer we’ll all be!


Did you know? Is air travel safe?


Yes and no. Because of how air circulates on airplanes, most viruses don’t spread that easily. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that it’s hard to socially distance on a flight and flying requires a lot of time in security lines and surrounded by other people. (Source)

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  1. Hello, I feel like it is safe to travel, just keep your guard up and protect yourself, watch your surrounding and wear your mask at all times on the plane, wear some gloves and like I do, I carry a pillow case and put in on the seat for my head, Everything will be just fine, PROTECT YOUR SELF FIRST!!! PEACE

  2. I am done worrying about Covid, I’m fully vaccinated and plan on doing whatever I want, without a mask.

  3. I had to fly last November and December – my mother passed away in another state. I had missed her 91st birthday and tried to get there to see her one last time. I didn’t make it. The flights were “normal” but I flew out of Newark. There were lines, but not as long and we sat in 3 across seating. We had hand sanitizer and individual containers of water. Coming home from Kentucky in December I flew a different airline – the lines in Ky. were even shorter and the plane left empty seats for social distancing. I returned to Newark and it was just as busy. I was a bit worried, but had not health problems. I don’t really think things will be any different here- people fly no matter what and they are more likely to when they think things are “safer”.

  4. I have been told by doctors that the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting the virus. So my question is: Why inject some unknown stuff into your body instead of letting you own immune system take care of it? Wearing a mask causes bacteria which you are breathing repeatedly. 2nd. question: If Social Distancing works, why do we need mask or if Mask works why do we need to keep away from others. If the shot works you shouldn’t need the mask or the distance.

  5. UNMASKED, UNVACCINATED, UNAFRAID!! Thanks SO much for being part of the problem, Shoppers Voice.

  6. Be very careful if you travel internationally. You can still get/test positive for covid even if you’re vaccinated. I was in the UK due to my mother being gravely ill, then passing. When it was time to fly back to the US I tested positive for covid and had to spend 10 days in quarantine at a hotel in Heathrow Airport. It was very scary and very expensive.

  7. We’ve been flying since November ’20. We do not have a problem with wearing the masks while flying and we feel safe. We do not do anything except wear masks. I don’t use hand sanitizer if I can avoid it.

  8. I’m not ready for any type of traveling by air as of yet and don’t know when I will

  9. My sister is a flight attendant on a major airline, not one day did she not fly (except for a couple mandatory quarantines for possible exposure early on). She never caught the virus and has flown on a few international flights as well once allowed. She feels safer flying than being in a store.

  10. As far as I am concerned, all these restrictions were BS and levied on us by the left to control us. Our forefathers gave us the Constitution and our Bill Of Rights to protect us from these warmongers and control freaks.
    Simple solution; Stay clean and keep your hands off your face

  11. I have a day plane trip this weekend planned because plane fare is affordable,I have been vaccinated and will take precautions on my trip.

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  13. I know the air lines do the best that they can.Unfortunatly people don’t always follow rules so your biteing a bullet by traveling
    .That person next to you could still have covid and won’t wear a mask or vaccineate..Good luck people.

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