Tech spotlight: Solar energy at home

Solar energy is transforming the way many of us live our lives at home. In fact, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that in 2020, solar power was the fastest growing renewal energy source, making up about 40% of new renewable energy use.


A big reason for its increasing popularity is, of course, its ability to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. By switching to solar, we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint and help protect the planet.


Another reason solar energy is growing is it’s getting more affordable. The price of solar panels, for instance, has dropped more than 80% since 2010, making it easier for families to install in their homes. Some governments even offer tax credits and incentives to help cover the cost to install solar panels.


So how is solar energy transforming life at home? Here are a few ways:

  1. Saving money on electricity: Solar panels can generate electricity for your home, reducing your reliance on power from the grid. This can lead to significant savings on your monthly electricity bills. If you own an electric car, it would make it even more economical.
  2. Energy independence: By generating your own solar power, you won’t be as dependent on the electric grid. This can give you a sense of control and security, knowing you’re producing your own clean energy.
  3. Environmental benefits: Solar energy is a clean, renewable power source. By using it, you’re helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change.
  4. Improved home value: Homes with solar panels can be more attractive to potential buyers, since they offer lower electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint.
  5. Education: Installing solar panels can be a great way to teach your kids about renewable energy and the importance of protecting the environment.


Have you installed solar panels on your home? Thinking about? What encouraged you or what’s keeping your from making the switch? Share your thoughts with us and the Shop Talk blog community!


Did you know? 3 million


According to the US Solar Market Insight report, by the end of 2021, over 3 million residential solar installations had been completed in the United States.