5 pet trends for the dogs and cats that have everything



As Americans, we spend more than $62 billion a year on our pets including food, supplies, veterinary care and live animal purchases and that number is only slated to rise as we continue to pamper the dogs, cats and other animals that are part of families, and a handful of pet trends gain wider popularity. Among these trends are:

  1. It’s only natural: Concern about organics, genetically modified foods and environmentally responsible products have moved beyond human products as pet owners look for natural cat litter, grain-free and raw food, bug repellents, grooming products, toys and even products designed for aging pets.
  2. Here comes the groom: Pet grooming has come of age in the 21st century with specialty services like convenient door-to-door mobile pet grooming, self-serve dog washing, and even canine and feline spa services.
  3. Puzzle toys: Available for dogs and cats, with different degrees of difficulty, physically and mentally stimulating puzzle toys keep pets active as they look for their food.
  4. Doggy (and kittie) design: For the pet that has everything, there are now specially designed sofas to match your décor and pamper your best friends.
  5. The incredible journey: With more than half of pet-owning travelers taking trips with their pets, the hospitality industry is catching on. Many hotels welcome companion animals and there are now even travel apps to connect pet owners with pet-friendly places to stay.

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Did you know? Paleo for pets?

It was only a matter of time. While the paleo high-protein diet has been around for humans for a few years, it’s now picking up steam for pets at suppliers like PetSmart. (Source)


29 thoughts on “5 pet trends for the dogs and cats that have everything

  1. I have 4 yorkies…or as i call them Dorkies. My eldest Jack
    Named after Jack Daniels. Hes starting to be on the side. You know its going to happen. He is 14. But i can’t convince my husband to put him to sleep. In my opinion. Its cruel to let him go on daily. I don’t think he’s in pain
    But hes very overweight. As he had neen since we was this fat little rolly guy when he was a pup! God he loves food. He can’t get enough
    He’s a emotional eater like his burnt up chemical peeled g
    Fatso Mother. He is truly my dog. When im upset? Hes upset? When im anxious. Boy do i have to watch my own feelings for the feelings of my action Jackson…The love of my LIFE. When he waz a puppy?.. I use to say in my baby dorkie voice. Thats not a Puppy. Thats a bunny! He hopped all 3 pounds of him. I am a believer in that prayer. The Rainbow Bridge. When losing one of your pups!. It can be very comforting. I believe in it. And it brings me peace and solace. ?

  2. I just love my pets. I have a Chihuahua and a Cat . I use to have 29 exotic birds
    They were so much fun and interesting to watch. I even hatched an eclectus egg in an Incubator. He was a male and the green coming out was so magical to watch as your not sure if it will be a male or female. Glad I could tell the difference. My African grey I never did have sexed . That bird had a 50 word vocab if not more.
    So much fun. Miss him so much
    I am too old to deal with all that excitement now. I have love all around me with
    my Rocky and Smoky. I loss Smoky’s mother , Sable who was 16 yrs old . miss her too.

  3. I agree with Jeannette. My husband is in the nursing home and my dogs are a lot of company for me. I don’t know why people are not more understanding. Pets are like having children in your old age.

  4. Tell me about wishing there were more understanding people, it’s really heartbreaking when it’s your kids that aren’t understanding. My husband passed away 6mo.ago, my financial situation is0 until my husbands SSI gets resolved. He left me w/a heartbroken dog, now homeless. I figured I could depend on my kids, nope the dog is the excuse for me not to be able to stay there, unbelievable . My point is I will sleep in the streets if I had to for my =6.when I’m sad,upset,hurt,my =6 comforts me. He luvs me unconditionally. When everything seems like it is going wrong all I have to do is look in those eyes and it’s all worth it.

  5. Katie, I Am SO Sorry & feel your pain in your loss of your only children, which, I too, only have the ability to have the privilege & blessing to get to take care of & to love with that nearly pretty much 99.99% unconditional, Ok’, I’m a Big Softie & it’s really 100%, because they’re such a Blessing from God to get to love on them & they give it back so precious-ly, that I just can’t even be upset when two days ago, my caregiver that lives w/ me because I am disabled & have to have full time help just to get by, but my caregivers top denture plate fell of their mouth during their sleep & well, dog gone it, One of my two fur baby children found it because he sleeps under the daybed my caregiver sleeps on & naturally dentures are one of the top best chew things -as my former Dentist told me, back when I also got mine many years ago & consequently,Dusty Dakota must’ve woke up & found there under the daybed, which is where is little cave w/ a memory foam mattress -must’ve found the top denture plate of my friend & caregiver & really gave them a re-newed re-worked over shape & state of being. So, I know You must be hurting because I honestly don’t feel like I could go on living w/o my two fur-baby children & I only hope that my story maybe gives you or somebody a smile, but I pray that God will give you beauty for your ashes & sadness & that he knows how lost & hurt you feel w/o your precious little one. So, Katie I will keep you in my prayers & I wish there were some way I could do something more to comfort you, but to tell you that I too have had that exact same thing happen to me once when I had moved to California & I had to give my little dashound, Oscar that I raised since he was weined & I drove a semi truck & I took him everywhere we went & I have Never Still to this day ever been able to completely forget or have ever gotten over my little baby boy who I had to give away to someone back home in Oklahoma & I never got to see him again, but just know that God Always know the hearts of those of His Children, such as You Are, whom have So Much Compssion & that it just seems like Love shouldn’t have to hurt so much, but just know that once we all leave here from our flesh bodies & we go on to be with the Lord, he has it written in His Holy Word in the book of Isaiah, chapter 11, verses 6,7, & 8, that God Loves all the little creatures & All the Animals of the Earth, he says in that chapter & verses, that we shall again be with our precious Animals & pets in Heaven & they even will all be non-meat eaters any longer & they &owe shall all be back together again, so even we who have So Much Compassion that Love Hurts, & that it is even So Difficult & causes you to have this great, deep sadness & feelings of loss & missing your precious little fur-baby child, God will once again bring us all back together at the time of the beginning of the new time & life, when & where we shall all be together in such Great Happiness & Joy & share Our Deep Hearts, full of Love, but that we shall all be rejoined & happier than we’ve ever known & there we shall be, back together again w/ all God’s precious creations of both Us, God & all the beautiful creations & creatures of the earth when the time is & will be God’s perfect timing & meanwhile, maybe this other person who has taken over being your precious’s little pet,will maybe take some pictures & or maybe if you’re heart is So Ache-ing, then don’t be shy or slow to action, write them a letter or find out if there’s any way possible to just get a little bit of opportunity to find out how your precious baby is doing & if or if there is anything that they can do or send or comfort you about your little precious one before anymore time passes so you can have some closure & peace or just rest your heart knowing that you have thatvspecial place in your heart knowing that your baby is okay & alright & maybe they can send you a few pictures or something to help ease your grieving heart. So God Bless you Katie & your little precious one whosevin the care of a hopefully we believe & Pray a Most Best possible foster person for your baby, & I just Pray this & hope for healing of yours & your little one’s hearts to be comforted & Most Holy Blessed & Anointed in Jesus’s Name, Amen& Amen! =>=•>

  6. I don’t know what I would do without my Fur Babies!!!!! They are my whole life and world!!!!

  7. My hairy 4 legged son is so loved in our home an is always asked about an brought up in conversations as human family member. I worry if is full or if likes the taste his food. I found some ground beef style meat packages. I want to loik into pet flavored liquids. He doesnt seem to drink alot of water all the time. Thanks now thought to try look into that for my baby. He has love for chesse.

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