5 pet trends for the dogs and cats that have everything



As Americans, we spend more than $62 billion a year on our pets including food, supplies, veterinary care and live animal purchases and that number is only slated to rise as we continue to pamper the dogs, cats and other animals that are part of families, and a handful of pet trends gain wider popularity. Among these trends are:

  1. It’s only natural: Concern about organics, genetically modified foods and environmentally responsible products have moved beyond human products as pet owners look for natural cat litter, grain-free and raw food, bug repellents, grooming products, toys and even products designed for aging pets.
  2. Here comes the groom: Pet grooming has come of age in the 21st century with specialty services like convenient door-to-door mobile pet grooming, self-serve dog washing, and even canine and feline spa services.
  3. Puzzle toys: Available for dogs and cats, with different degrees of difficulty, physically and mentally stimulating puzzle toys keep pets active as they look for their food.
  4. Doggy (and kittie) design: For the pet that has everything, there are now specially designed sofas to match your décor and pamper your best friends.
  5. The incredible journey: With more than half of pet-owning travelers taking trips with their pets, the hospitality industry is catching on. Many hotels welcome companion animals and there are now even travel apps to connect pet owners with pet-friendly places to stay.

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Did you know? Paleo for pets?

It was only a matter of time. While the paleo high-protein diet has been around for humans for a few years, it’s now picking up steam for pets at suppliers like PetSmart. (Source)


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  1. That so bad, you got to rest but no sound sleep, worried he would bark, there nothing wrong with Pets if you are a person who take care of them but some don’t and could cost alot To be treated for fleas so I see it both ways bless you

  2. My son and I and our long hair fashioned had to leave our home for the hurricane in October of 2016. We had to travel 6 hours before we found a hotel with the last room. No pets were allowed. We would have to travel another 6 hours to get a room. Oh yes, our wipers were broken. Remember it turned into a category 5 storm. We took the room. We wrapped “Tanky” in a blanket, and fed him treats that would have lasted him a month, just so he would not bark. When we checked in they said if we got caught with an animal in the room, we would have to pay $250.00 from our charge card. We did not have that much money. Now to top it off, they gave us a room right next to the office, and near the laundry room where all the workers hang out and smoke on their break. What a long 2nights. And can you believe Tanky only barked twice. I started coughing really loud. Did I pray that night.I Wish there were more understanding people especially during a time of crisis! Thank you for reading.

  3. What do you want one to say…thank you it opened my eyes for my life’s journey.

  4. I believe it is wonderful that fur parents are taking responsibility of the better care of Pets. A pet parent is a honor, we should always give the healthy care and Love.

  5. hi,
    my name is Katie, I was in love with my kitty cat friend he was my whole world, I moved out of the only home he had ever known and into a little place he got out, and kept getting out, so one day I hear a knock on my front door, I see my cat in the driveway and he got hit by a truck by a neighbor, I was done, I sunk to the floor , he was only 4 I say, my Shaskia was dead. its been years since then, I got an orange tabby~cat, and my new landlord wouldn’t let me keep him. so I lost my only children, a l8dy said she would just watch him for me, but she stole him, now im alone and its really sad I know, I just wanted to let people know that when suroundings change for pets, cats in particular its hard for them to understand, and its scary and confusing for them in a new place, I miss Simon and, shaskiaR.I.P.so just make preparedness about pets and what they come in contact with and be a piller of strength for the fur~baby’s we love. bless you and yours, amen,
    Katie Fitz.

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