The future is now: 3 unbelievable trends for 2020

Last month we took a look at some of the biggest trends set to change the way you live at home in the next decade. This month, we dive deeper with three unbelievable trends that confirm we truly are living in the future right now.

  • Smart(er) locks: Tech upstart Shepherd Lock is developing a touch-enabled keyless entry lock that monitors your door 24/7 to detect picking and tampering. With this cool lock, a simple touch to the door’s external hardware activates a virtual key on your smartphone or a key fob in your pocket, so you never have to rifle through 20 keys on your keychain to open the front door.
  • Mind-readers: Neurotechnology startup NextMind has unveiled the world’s first wearable device that allows you to control your devices with your mind in real time. The device picks up signals from the wearer’s visual cortex and translates them into digital commands. Not only does this technology have the potential to make our lives simpler, it may one day be able to help people with disabilities or injuries function more easily day to day.
  • Smart(er) bedrooms and kitchens: Sleep Number, the company that’s developed adjustable smart bed technology to improve sleep, is hard at work on a bed doesn’t just send you daily sleep reports but can also notify you when your child gets out of bed. Other new technology can help you keep track of what’s in your pantry or fridge and helps you find recipes using the ingredients you already have.

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Did you know? Sensational sensory technology

The latest sensor technology already alerts you to problems in your electrical box, HVAC system or water heater. The next generation of sensor tech even alert you to problems like a termite infestation long before it becomes a major issue. (Source)