6 nutrition trends for 2017 and beyond


The bad numbers, it seems, just like the pounds, continue to pile up. A recent report comparing the health of adults in 17 developed nations put Americans’ health last, at all stages of life and all incomes, with some of the worst rates of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.

Generally speaking, we all know what we need to do be more active and eat healthier foods and we invite you to speak to your family doctor, nutritionist or physical fitness specialist to learn how you can make significant, long-term positive changes to your lifestyle.

In this month’s Shop Talk blog post, however, we didn’t want to bite off more than we could chew (so to speak), so here are few of the latest nutrition trends that can help you get started, slowly but surely:

  1. Butter is back: Yes, for years, we heard about the ills of butter but, in small amounts, and in place of artificial butters and margarines, there’s nothing to feel guilty about.
  2. Fat, too: Saturated fats are still bad because they increase our risk for heart disease, but fats from olives, avocados and other fruits and nuts are healthy so eat up.
  3. Honey beats sugar: We can all do with a lot less sweeteners in our foods, but if you have to choose, honey and natural syrups are a healthier choice over processed sugar.
  4. Feed yourself grass-fed: Whether you’re choosing dairy or meats, products from healthier grass-fed cows and other animals are healthier for you too.
  5. Go for goat: Speaking of meat, goat meat is more nutritious than beef, low in fat, higher in protein and iron. If you like lamb, you’ll love its chewy cousin.
  6. Poke rhymes with okay: If you love sushi or even if you don’t, this Hawaiian raw fish salad deserves your attention. Made mostly of mouthwatering cuts of fresh tuna or cooked octopus, seasoned with soy sauce, scallions and sesame oil, it’s high in protein, low in calories and rich in those heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids your doctor is always telling you about.

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Did you know? Turmeric is terrific

Long used as a flavorful spice, turmeric is also a free radical scavenger that supports better cognitive function and reduces inflammation. Add it to your recipes and even your juice. (Source)


45 thoughts on “6 nutrition trends for 2017 and beyond

  1. Turmeric is an oil soluble sooo it works best when you grind it and/or mix it with oil to use. I grind it up with oil first then add the rest of my green smooth in the morning.

  2. I have been doing most of these for a while now. I dropped margarine years ago. Don’t do much sugar in any form.

  3. Your tips are quite “on trend.” While I use butter and was just introduced to that beauty coconut oil, the rest, you may keep.

  4. Goat? People should not eat animals. It is bad for them,(the people and the animals) Pesca-vegetarians live longer than vegans who live longer than meat eaters. And all the grain that feeds animals would, if spread across the world, keep everyone from hunger. Plus, vegetarians do not get mad cow and other diseases caused by eating meat.

  5. Thanks for the health article. I can climb stairs with no problem, I am an avid jogger ( still at 69 yrs old) . But I do appreciate your health articles- I love reading and applying them- very timely!

  6. I had already known about the butter, grass fed, honey and the fat. I don’t think I would try the goat but maybe the sushi!

  7. Interesting trends which are common sense. Never eat butter or margarine. Always use honey not use any kind of sugar. Mainly eat fats from vege and nuts.
    Did not know about goat meat. Not eat raw fish but eat fist twice a week. Try to eat grass fed.

  8. Tumeric……I am tying to live into my 80s with full brain function….heard sprinkling tumeric on food will get me there!!

  9. These tips are NOT good eats. Try leaving animals out of your meals. That’s the best TIP I can think of.

  10. It is interesting that what I have been doing pretty much my whole life is now a trend. It works

  11. Thank you very much for the tips. I do all of these already well almost all, I won’t eat sushi. I love seafood but it has to be partially cooked

  12. Great Idea’s. I am already using Turmeric on a daily. I will try the goat meat over beef even tho I love beef. I love seafood and sushi. Would love to make that salad.

  13. Glad to hear that butter back, because we never stopped eating it. And I could never get my husband to stop eating red meat. I won’t eat sushi. But I do appreciate all the health information you give out. Thanks

  14. I think this information was very good, although some of the things I wouldn’t eat. I also believe cutting down on salt intake is very healthy.

  15. Buffalo is also a great non-traditional meat, it is low in fat and at least buffalo are native animals to our continent, not just imported in to torture and eat.

  16. Please explain to me how to use turmeric. I have bought some, but I don’t know how much to use in food or drink or anything.

  17. I use it in my rice,stews, and on all of meats,beef, pork,goat, chicken, seafoods.it’s great. And it does help with my joints. I’m a security officer. So standing and walking is a big part of my job.since I have learned about the effects of Turmeric on the body,I started using it more. I even use in a special drink to help loose weigh.I’m not where I want too be yet. But I have lost more 80lbs in the last 6 months. And I will loose the last 60lbs too.try it.it really works.
    Dorothy Duveilhomme

  18. Very interesting. Like 2 see what is trending. Deep down we all know what is good 4 us but we don’t listen 2 our own bodies. We let the media tell us. Not the other way around.

  19. I want to eat healthier but I don’t have much of an appetite & don’t feel like eating most of the time. I often skip meals & find myself eating junk food at night before bed. I realize that this is a terrible habit & how bad too much sugar is for you.
    I need help!

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