Food spotlight: Turkey beyond the kebab


Like Turkey itself, Turkish cuisine straddles Europe and the Middle East, offering rich and delicious dishes that may seem familiar to those who have a taste for Greek, Balkan, Lebanese or Central Asian foods.

But even within Turkey, a large country of nearly 80 million people about the size of Texas, tastes vary with a whole range of regional ingredients thrown into the mix.

While most are familiar with slow-cooked doners and kebabs, typically made from lamb, chicken or beef, served on a metal or wood skewer, here are five other Turkish dishes you ought to experience at your local restaurant or try your hand at in your own kitchen:

  • Dolma: Also popular in Greek and Lebanese cuisine, dolma usually refer to vine leaves stuffed with meat and rice but can actually refer to a rainbow of other stuffed vegetables, including peppers, squash and eggplant. Recipe
  • Mantı: Steamed or boiled dumplings, a version of which you’ll find throughout Turkey, Central Asian and even Western China, manti consist of spiced meat in a dough wrapper. Served with yogurt and butter, there’s nothing quite like them. Recipe
  • Durum: Imagine a burrito born in Istanbul – this flavorful street food consists of lamb, beef or chicken inside a pita or lavash wrap, with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and sumac spice. Recipe
  • Kayısı Tatlısı: While its name may sound like a dish out of Game of Thrones, this wonderful dessert consists of apricots stuffed with nuts and cream – heavenly! Recipe
  • Kunefe: Also known as kanafah in Egypt and other spots around the Mediterranean, this Turkish dessert is made with shredded pastry dough and cheese, topped with pistachios – your taste buds are guaranteed to go crazy. Recipe

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