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Baking the perfect brunch

  The inspiration for brunch can be traced back hundreds of years and a continent away to when the British upper class  or at least their kitchen staff  prepared early lunches of chicken galantines, sliced headcheese and port wine to feed gentlemen between their morning and afternoon fox hunting. These days, were more […]

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Beautifying your home  and your lungs  with plants

  Its long been established that plants purify indoor air as much as they do our outdoor environment. So they dont just beautify our homes, they help keep our lungs healthy too. Well leave choosing the most suitable plants to your own individual taste but here are some original and decorative ways to make the […]

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8 secrets to making your small space look BIG

  With real estate prices on the rise, many new home owners are settling for dwellings a tad cozier than the homes they may have grown up in. But size isnt everything, particularly when there are so many amazing ways to make small spaces feel bigger. Here are some ideas we love: Light vs. dark: […]

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