Exercise spotlight: Boot camp

One of the most common reasons we give for not exercising is that, with work and family responsibilities, we simply don’t have the time. Boot camp class makes it a little tougher to make that argument.

A powerful and fun group workout, inspired by military training, boot camp has taken the country by storm. Great for firming and toning muscles and burning calories, it includes an intense mix of aerobics and strength training in a short period of time, usually within an hour or less, with little rest between exercises. It’s serious conditioning that can include jumping, weight lifting, crunches and running but varies depending on the instructor, location and your fitness level.

Just as important as the physical benefits, boot camp can increase your self-esteem it’s a concentrated dose of “Yeah, I did it!”. If you’d like to give boot camp a try, here a few things to consider before you do:

  • If it’s been a while since you’ve done strenuous exercise, speak to your doctor about whether boot camp is a good idea for you.
  • Once you’ve found boot camp sessions in your area, think about whether you prefer something conveniently close to work or home and if you’re a morning or after work person.
  • Contact the boot camp instructor and ask for details about the sessions and whether there’s something for beginners or your fitness level.
  • Ask about the types of activities included different classes include kickboxing or yoga and everything in between, and cater to people who want to primarily burn fat or build muscle, or both, fast.
  • Ask about who attends classes may cater to men or women or co-ed, old or young, and you want to feel somewhat comfortable in your surroundings.
  • After you’ve tried it out a few times, decide if it’s something you prefer to do a few times a week or just once a week to supplement other activities.
  • Can’t find a boot camp near you? Organize one with a group of friends and take turns leading each session.

Here are some more tips you may find useful. And as always please share your own experiences with boot camp and other great workouts in the Shop Talk Blog community forum!

Did you know: Boot camp burns calories

It’s one of the most energetic activities, burning about 588 calories/hr, comparable to spinning and aerobic dance. By comparison, Pilates burns 336 calories/hr while house cleaning and gardening burn 200-300 calories/hr. (Source)

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  1. I was hitting around age 42 and I had on my mind for quite awhile to get back into shape cause I was getting up there in age and even though my age was getting hire I went back and feel so much better.

  2. I have started as a young one working out! First it was football practice then every other day after the practice was weight training and lifting! When you are out on your own in life, I tried to continue my workout which was about 4 times a week and was able to continue. As I hit my later 30s I had to cut some workout hours behind due to a new job working nights, fun, I started to see myself missing workouts and dealing with new hours meaning I usually awoke around 530am, now it was time to get off at 6am. Even though I had some youth still I was but before you knew it you have not hit the gym for over a year!

  3. Sorry but with my disability this can not be done. However I am not overweight and besides with just a little toning, I really do not have that much work to do. I should be beach ready in about a month. have a great summer everyone!

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