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The dish on upgrading your kitchen for less

  A modern, stylish kitchen might not turn any of us into Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson but it can definitely make everyones favorite space more pleasing. Trouble is, between new appliances, countertops, flooring and cabinets, the kitchen is usually the most expensive room in the home to remodel. And, we still have to put […]

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Fresh it up: Colorful ideas for an inexpensive home makeover

  Its estimated that the human eye can distinguish between one to ten million different colors, which frankly could make choosing the right paint shades for your home a little overwhelming. Luckily, with few simple tips and shortcuts, giving your walls a fresh, inexpensive makeover is a lot easier  and more fun. First, dont […]

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Cooking spotlight: Malaysia's melting pot

  As a land of immigrants, the United States is no stranger to cooking from dozens of countries and cultures from Caribbean and Jewish to Chinese, Japanese, French and Italian, not to mention a few weve created right here like Korean-Mexican. But there may be one country that gives us a run for our money […]

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