Food spotlight: Greece

It’s believed the first Greek to set foot on American soil – in what is now Pensacola, Florida – was a sailor named Don Teodoro who accompanied Spanish explorer Panfilo de Narvaez in 1528. In the 1700s, around 450 Greek colonists founded New Smyrna near Saint Augustine, Florida. But it was not until the late […]

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Food spotlight: South Africa

With 11 official languages, five recognized racial groups and a history heavily influenced by Bantu-speaking peoples, Portuguese explorers, and Dutch and British colonialists as well other countries sharing the rim of the Indian Ocean, it’s no surprise that South African cuisine is so diverse. Cooking in the southernmost country in Africa is heavily meat-based and, […]

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Food spotlight: Basque in one of the world’s most fascinating cultures

  The Basque people, who live in a semi-autonomous region of northern Spain as well as in southwestern France, are believed to be the direct descendants of farmers who settled in the area some 35,000 years ago, making them perhaps the oldest ethnic community in Europe. Their language, called Euskara, is unrelated to any other […]

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